Monday, June 1, 2009

Storm Trooper Kimmie

The picture attached to this post is of Kimberly, my 8-year-old Storm Trooper. That was taken a couple of weeks ago at Hollywood Studios at Disney. This morning I really understood how much of a “Storm Trooper” Kimberly really is. She was riding in the middle seat of the Suburban today as I took her to school. We are driving along chatting about the fact that she only has a week left in school before summer break. Then Kimmie decided that Daddy needed a good laugh.

Being very serious she said, “I like sitting in the middle seat because I can see how fast you are going. The speed limit is 45. Remember, safety never takes a vacation.” Needless to say safety almost took a vacation as I tried to keep coffee from flying out of my nose from laughing. I am never quite sure what my kids are going to say, but I am usually sure it is going to be funny.

When I got to the office this morning and was thinking about it, I was reminded of the fact that people are always watching. It may be our kids, our friends, our co-workers, neighbors or total strangers. But someone is always watching how we act, how we speak, and how we represent Christ. That can be a huge burden, but thankfully Christ never called us to be perfect. He knew we would never be perfect, so he gave us his Spirit to help us regulate our actions and think about what we are doing.

We may not always have our own personal “Storm Trooper” in the backseat to remind us of what we need to be doing, but we can be assured that God’s Spirit will never leave those who follow him and seek after him. If we listen, if we tap into his plans and purposes for us, we can rest easy in the fact that people are always watching. Even 8-year-old little girls.

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