Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jack Cerreta Update

The past two days have been very difficult ones for the LifeQuest family. Jack Cerreta, Jr. was in a very serious car accident on Monday night and is in the ICU at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Ft. Pierce. Jack suffered some very serious head injuries and has been sedated the entire time he has been at the hospital.

I was with his parents, Jack and Michelle, this morning when the doctors told them that they needed to operate on Jack’s brain. This afternoon (Wednesday) at 1:00 Jack will be having surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. It is obviously a very serious condition and one in which the doctors are approaching with a great deal of caution. Please be praying for the Cerreta family through this time.

As we were at the hospital yesterday and today, many people called or visited. Jack and Michelle wanted me to convey how much they appreciate your thoughts and prayers. A few of us were standing in the hall yesterday when Jack said, “We have a great church.” What a great witness to the love and grace of God’s people during a time of crisis.

As I was thinking last night about all that was transpiring, I was reminded that perhaps the greatest ministry any of us may have is the ministry of presence. When we make ourselves available to those who hurt, who weep, and who mourn, we become physical reminders of the spiritual presence of Christ. This is what the church is to reflect to one another and the world; presence.

Over the course of today and the next few days I will be updating my blog to update the status of young Jack. I am able to update my blog from the hospital, but not necessarily e-mail. So, check here periodically for updates and information concerning Jack’s condition. Pray, call, visit and encourage one another through this time. Let’s practice the ministry of presence.

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