Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking Flight

One of the greatest things about living in South Florida is watching the Space Shuttle launch. On Friday night my kids and I watched on a clear night as the shuttle took flight. The moon was full, there was not a cloud in the sky and we could see the shuttle for several minutes. We could see it separate from the rocket booster and the flames behind it extinguish as it took orbit. It was very cool!!!
I picture that and think about our lives as followers of Christ. Many times it begins with an explosion of excitement that people see for a while. We have some dramatic experience that helps us to begin this new journey with Christ and it is incredible to watch.
What people don't see is all the behind the scenes work. It takes months and months to prepare the shuttle for launch. I believe that God works in our hearts for a long time until we are finally ready to launch into this new relationship with him. Then, after an amazing start, we settle in to the tasks of becoming fully devoted followers of God. It is usually not as dramatic at takeoff and most of the time, no one is watching this part.
Sometimes I think we focus so much on the launch that we miss the important stuff. We miss the growing process and the behind the scenes work that God does to draw us and others to himself. It is not always impressive and not nearly as exciting, but it is just as important.
This week, I want to challenge you to do some real work on your flight plan. Study God's Word. Listen to his voice. Share your observations and your questions. This is the deep space flight that God wants to develop in our lives. As we grow in him we will learn to soar into unknown spaces of his limitless love.

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