Monday, May 18, 2009

Shocked By God

God constantly amazes me and I am continually disappointed that I am shocked at God. I have been praying for God to move in our church in some great ways lately. We have been praying specifically for over 250 people who need to know Christ. I have prayed everyday for the past three weeks that God would open the eyes and hearts of these people and draw them to salvation in Christ.

Yesterday we had a great celebration service. We had first time guests, we had folks returning who have visited for a while and I knew God was going to do something. In the middle of the week I had a restless night where I knew I needed to change my message to a straight gospel presentation. So I presented John 3:16 as simply as possible; phrase by phrase, meaning by meaning.

At the end of the message I gave an old fashioned, come to the front invitation. Before I even finished Ron, a first time guest who was on our prayer list, was standing in front of me. As the song began I asked why he came forward. He simply said, “I need what you have been talking about.”

It was awesome!!! My friend Jack put Ron on our list. I grabbed one off the chair next to me and showed him his name. He was stunned. After the song I introduced Ron and Jack and talked about how we had been praying for Ron and God answered our prayer. The place was overwhelmed with emotion.

It is not about having 500 people come forward at one time; although if God wants to move that way it is cool with me. It is all about one guy, who loved his friend enough to pray for him, invite him to church and stand with him as he stepped across the line of faith.

Maybe this is the beginning of a movement. Maybe there are many more that God wants to bring into eternity through LifeQuest. I hope that is the case. But if I learned anything from yesterday it was that God is faithful and powerful. And I lack faith. God, forgive my small faith and help me to increase my vision for you and your kingdom!!!

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