Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I’ve spent most of today in a virtual conference called “The Nines.” Since it is 09/09/09, Leadership Network had over 70 ministry leader’s video a message that is nine minutes long. The topic was, “What would you say to other leaders if you had nine minutes to say it.” Since they didn’t ask me to do a video, I decided that I will use tonight to highlight nine things I would say to people if they wanted to know. In descending order:

9) Try to serve somebody every day.

8) Think deeper.

7) Value friends.

6) Seek wisdom.

5) Love liberally.

4) Pursue God’s vision for you at all costs.

3) Focus on those God is changing instead of those who hate change.

2) Speak and listen to truth.

1) Your life doesn’t have to be defined by sin but can be redeemed by a Savior.

That is my nine. It didn’t take nine minutes for you to read, but hopefully it will help you to think a little deeper about your life and where God is leading you. So, what would your top nine look like?

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