Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There is an old saying that “truth is the first casualty of war.” As sad as that may seem, it feels as if we are in a war for truth in every area of our lives these days. Over and over again I am reminded that truth has become a casualty of the war against humanity. Our culture has adapted to a worldview that truth need only be relative, partial or explainable; it is never to be absolute. This line of thinking is not only dangerous, it is ultimately fatal.

Our society buys into this type of thinking in subtle ways and it produces within us a callous heart and a seared conscious. The slide from truth usually begins innocuously enough with a “little white lie” or by not telling the “whole truth.” As we slide down that slope we begin to believe that telling a lie is easier than telling the truth at times and the consequences are not as devastating. That, in and of itself, is untrue.

As Christians, truth is the foundation upon which our lives are built. The truth of a God who loves us, a God who forgives us and a view of the world built on concrete spiritual foundations that are absolute. This line of thinking is not always popular, but that has never been the point of faith. If God is not truth, than he ceases to be God.

As Christians we must love truth. We must love God’s truth, the truth of scripture and the truth spoken in love. I have been challenging my kids to recognize lies when they see them on TV, in movies or on the news. See what worldview is being described by our media and how it slants the truth to fit its agenda. We must learn to love truth, because God loves truth.

Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life.” The scripture also says “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” God loves truth and he desires for us to love truth as well.

This week, seek truth. Seek honesty and integrity in all things. And, in so doing, seek God.

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