Monday, December 14, 2009


I have been learning a ton about who God is and how amazing he is to love us the way he does. Over the last few weeks we have seen so many new people come to know Christ. They have been people who have had religious backgrounds, but never relationship with Christ. They have been people who had no idea about church or religious life, and have been looking to fill a hole in the center of their life. They have been people who are at the end of their rope and felt like there was no hope. And then Jesus showed up in their life.

What has been so amazing to me is the fact that there are some people who I have talked to recently who recognize their sincere need for God and who are unwilling to make the decision to follow him. I met with someone who told me that he knew he needed to simply make a choice for Jesus but that he did not want to now. I spent a couple of hours with this man clearly explaining the gospel and offering him a chance to make a decision to follow Christ. His response was, “I know I should, I just don’t think I want to.”

On the other side of the coin I met with a man the day before my last meeting who had just made a decision for Christ. He sat in my office and wanted to know how to make his life count for the next twenty years or however long he may live. He wanted to be a better husband, father and spiritual leader. He accepted my offer to be in a mens group to look at those very issues.

In our life we make choices every day. Some choices are for small, insignificant things. Others are for giant life altering decisions. But every day we are faced with a choice. What choices are you going to make today?

The prophets and leaders in scripture made it very clear that all humanity must choose. Joshua challenged the nation of Israel to choose which God they would serve. Elijah challenged the nation to choose between God and Baal. Jesus himself noted that all men must make a choice of which path to follow in their lives.

Today, what choice will you make that will impact eternity?

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