Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Covenant

The overall theme of my message yesterday on “Christmas Covenant” is that God’s promises are eternal and he always keeps his promises. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult for us to see how God is doing that, but other times it is obvious.

This morning as I walked through the buildings at LifeQuest simple things caught my eye and reminded me of God’s grace. Decorations that are showing up in our building to brighten the place for Christmas represent people who have a desire to serve and use their gifts of hospitality. A Christmas tree in our children’s ministry area reminds me that generations may be affected by the lessons taught today to children. The lights of Christmas and a tree made of hand prints in our pre-school area remind me that there are teachers in with children who are passionate about helping little ones know that Christmas is not about Santa but about Jesus.

As I reflect on all the events that are surrounding this season of the year at LifeQuest, I am reminded of the message of the events. Any organization can have a Christmas party. Any group can get together for a good time. But the call of the church is to proclaim the arrival of Jesus, the death of Jesus, the resurrection of Jesus and the hope of Jesus in the lives of the hopeless.

In remembering those simple attitudes and callings, I am reminded that it is through the faithfulness of God and the love he has for each of us that we are able to be a part of a greater story. We get to be the ones who see God move and change and shape our lives in unique and powerful ways.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Christmas we must never forget the concept that at the heart of Christmas is the heart of humanity. It is described in scripture as being dark and wicked. However when our heart collides with the eternal heart of God, we are forever changed. That is the message of Christmas.

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