Thursday, January 28, 2010

"The Noticer" by Andy Andrews

“The Noticer” is one of the few books that drew me in so that I had to finish it in one sitting. The images of pain, brokenness, and despair of the characters reflect everyday life in any community in the 21st Century. Of course, the gift of “perspective” allows us to see past the obstacle of the moment and to the glimmer of a bright future.

Andy Andrews has done a marvelous job of storytelling that allows us to see ourselves in each and every face. As life spins out of control the natural human reaction is to focus inward toward our own failures and outward toward our own enemies. In “The Noticer” the mystical Jones paints the portrait of a life turned toward introspection of our own soul and the encouragement of others.

The timing for reading “The Noticer” was perfect for me. I see within the tapestry of Orange Beach an amalgam of myself. I have been at times Andy and Jason, Walker and Barry. Rage, despair, anger and hurt have been traveling companions. Without loving compassion of people in my life, I hate to think where I would have been.

I have had many Jones’ in my life; men and women who speak truth with love. Friends who are bold enough to be honest and honest enough to be vulnerable. My prayer is that I would become a “Noticer.” I pray that my life would touch others and that they in turn would in turn plant seeds in the lives of countless others.

This book is a must read of everyone who desires to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and view life with new “perspective.”

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