Thursday, June 3, 2010

Twenty Years Twenty Lesson, Part 2

On Tuesday I started Twenty Lessons from Twenty Years in ministry. I gave you ten, and today I give you ten more. There certainly are thousands I have learned, but these are just to jump start some thinking.

It’s all about people. When we see people as an obstacle instead of an opportunity we are operating in our flesh. Never miss the fact that Jesus changed his plans to minister to people’s needs.

It’s about eternity. So much of what we spend time on in ministry is about our present, urgent needs. But those are all a means to help people meet Jesus for eternity.

Others have paid a greater sacrifice. Millions of people through the centuries have literally given their lives to serve the cause of Christ. My sacrifice is small compared to others.

Mentors make all the difference. Godly men and women in your life keep you moving forward. Never forget those who helped shape you.

Give grace and you will receive grace. Most of the time, when others see us as full of grace they will treat us the same. When they see us as entitled, spoiled and arrogant, they will treat us that way.

Ministry is only as successful as the volunteers that make it happen. I get paid to do my job. Most of the people around me do it simply because they love Christ and his church. Value those people!!!

Respect others. Your title, degree, or status does not give you a free pass on treating others with respect.

It’s your fault. Learn to take the bullet for your team. Never pass off blame to someone else.

Measure God’s work in you, not God’s work in others. There will always be a bigger church, a smaller church and a church that you can discredit. God is mostly concerned with what he has placed in your area of influence.

Keep moving forward and stay put. In twenty years I have had three jobs. My goal is to make my present job my last. In moving forward where I am, God uses the time I have put in to build health in his kingdom.

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