Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Going Deeper

I have a need to be deep. What I mean is that I desire to think on deeper levels, to have relationships that are deeper than the surface and to have deeper insights about God and his desires for my life. What I guess I really mean is that I am discontent with where I am. When I read this again, I realize how shallow I am.

We all strive to be more than we are. At least I hope to!! I want to be a better husband and dad. I want to be a better friend and neighbor. I want to be a better pastor and leader. I have a desire and an idea that somehow better means deeper. I don't know if that is reality, but it is where I am. I am not sure I even know how to be deeper, but I think it has to do with wanting more than just the surface.

I want more than the surface of Christ. I want more than just the title of pastor. I want more than just the mantle of leadership. I want to live it, breath it, and pass it on to others. Some people say that in going deeper we lose ourselves. I disagree. I believe that as you go deeper in your relationship to God, you do not lose yourself, but you find a more accurate reality of who you were meant to be.

That is my prayer. That is my desire. I want to find exactly who I was created to be and live in that reality. I want to go deeper.

How about you?

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