Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been thinking a great deal lately about how God moves in our lives. Sometimes it happens with a great revelation or a crisis moment that turns into a life changing event. These become markers or boundaries in our life that help tell the narrative of how we got to where we are today. Other times God moves in our lives through people. We see him in others and we become curious and begin to ask some questions or seek some truth. I see him show up all the time in my kids. They say or do something and it paints a picture of God and his love and grace for me.

Most of the time, God shows up in very quiet whispers throughout our life. He shows up in a conversation we have with an old friend. He shows up in a voice of concern over our tears or in sharing laughter that leads to tears. He shows up in opportunities to help and serve others. The key is not how shows up, but that he shows up.

I was looking over a message from several weeks ago and was reminded how God showed up int he lives of the first followers of Christ. It was through three simple words that changed their lives forever: "Come, follow me." In those words Christ began a revolution of movement that still is going strong today. In those words the infinite God of the universe reached into the lives of ordinary men and changed the course of eternity.

Today, we still get to be in on the movement. We get to play a role in the narrative of all history. We get to step back and touch the waters of history stirred by twelve simple, uneducated men. We get to move!!!

Life is full of movements. There is the Green Movement to save the planet. There is the Peace Movement to end the war. There is the Political Movement to elect a new president. All of them are important and all of them matter. You have to make decisions on which side of those movements you are on. However, at some point, all of those movements will end. There is only one movement that will last forever and that is the movement of God in the hearts and lives of humanity made possible through his son Jesus Christ.

Which side of that movement do you find yourself?

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