Thursday, July 24, 2008

Markers and the Journey

I have really gotten into the lessons and teaching of Ray Vander Lann lately. Over the past few years I have been amazed at his ability to bring the geography of the Holy Land and the message of the scripture to life. If you are not familiar with Ray, you need to check him out at He takes the land of Israel and brings it to life to teach us valuable lessons from the culture, history and people of scripture.

Have you ever wondered why God told the nation of Israel to gather stones when they crossed the river into the land? Of course it was to build an alter to God, but it was also to leave a history marker to tell future generations what God did in that place. The practice of "standing stones" was a very common practice in the Middle East.

Thinking through this concept makes you reflect on what markers your life has left. There are markers that others have placed in us that we have no control over. The words spoken that cut our heart, the pain of broken relationships, the celebration of true love. There are also markers that our life leaves on others. Are we testimonies to God's love and grace, or are we barriers that keep hidden true joy and acceptance from the one true God?

Life is full of markers. I have a rock from the Berlin wall, a brick from a factory in Mexico, and dirt from the first load of fill brought onto our property during our construction project. They all tell a story about an aspect of my life. The greatest marker we have is not something that can be touched. It is not a memento that can be passed around a room. It is a life lived in love and grace before an eternal Heavenly Father. Our life is the marker for someone else's spiritual journey. That is at one time exciting and at another time painful.

What story does your life share? What or who are the "standing stones" in your life? how are you living today to be a standing stone in the life of someone else?

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