Monday, December 8, 2008

Spiritual Sculptures

I am constantly amazed at how God moves and works to shape us into the likeness of Christ. It is almost never an easy process and it usually requires some pain. It is very much an art form where God, as scripture notes, is a potter and we are clay. For me, it often feels like God is a sculptor and I am a piece of rock!!!

That has nothing to do with God’s love or care of me, only that I am dense and thick and in need of being chiseled. (No, that is not a resolution to get in shape next year!!) God has to break away the top layers, the cracked places and the imperfect aspects of who I am so that he may be clearly seen in the unique creation that he desires me to become.

I have seen recently three major tools that God uses on me to shape me:

· Scripture- God’s Word is definitely the best tool to refine a fractured heart and life.
· Prayer- Not just spouting off to God but taking time to listen.
· Honest Followers of Christ- They speak into your life like no one else can.

The old saying is that “God loves you just the way you are but loves you too much to leave you that way.” It is a cliché, but it also happens to be true. God wants to shape us and change us.

Are you allowing God to sculpt you? What tools do you need to have shape you in a more powerful way?

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