Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Time!!!

This was a monumental weekend in our house. Maybe not monumental, but it was pretty exciting. Barriers were broken, challenges were overcome, fear was conquered, and a new challenge looms on the horizon. Kimberly was finally able to master the art of riding her bike this weekend!!!

We have tried for several years to convince her that training wheels were no longer needed. No luck! The first imbalance, the first wobble, the first spill and the battle was lost. For whatever reason, the bike was a battle she was not interested in fighting, much less winning. But this weekend, Kimberly won.

She fell a few times. Getting started by herself is still difficult. Turns can become a nightmare when you are not really sure how fast to go. But, Kimberly can ride her bike. Now she has proudly proclaimed, “Now that I can ride my bike I can get a bigger one.” Yes she can (sigh).

There was one moment where I thought we were lost this weekend. I was helping her around the block and she was getting tired, and I was getting frustrated. I told her she could do it if she just tried. She climbed on her bike and looked at me and said, “I’ll show you!!” And she rode her bike.

When Alana asked her why she decided she wanted to learn to ride her bike she simply said, “I am old enough to know how to ride a bike.” It was that simple. She just felt like it was time to grow up. Another hurdle on life’s road has been cleared and so many more stand in the way.

The lesson for me in all of this is that sometimes, it is simply time to grow up. We often try to remain in a state of childhood where we struggle, pout and give up. Sometimes, it is simply time to do life as an adult.

What hurdle do you need to conquer? What is the obstacle in your life that needs to be cleared? In what area do you need to grow up? My list is long, but my resolve is set. I’ll show you!!

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