Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

I am so amazed that God shows up in the ways that he does. I am reminded often that God’s love and mercy in my life have not been earned, but are a result of his active love for me. This afternoon as I am reflecting on the worship celebration at LifeQuest today, I had some thoughts I wanted to share with you.

• Today, five people volunteered for ministry today for the very first time. That is awesome!!!
• The way God is moving in people’s lives is powerful. People who are sharing their stories with me are finding the grace of God in ways they have never experienced.
• It never gets old to see people respond to God’s Word.
• Every conversation I had today had a common theme: community. People are either loving the community they have with other people at LifeQuest or they are longing to find community.
• If you are not in a Life Group study of some kind, get in one!!!
• God is doing some awesome stuff at LifeQuest.
• Some people told me they changed their vacation plans to be at LifeQuest on Easter Sunday!!!
• I can’t wait for Easter Sunday!!!
• Don’t miss next Sunday!!! This is going to be a worship experience you will never forget!!!!
• I have a Sunday nap hangover!! Chat at you tomorrow!!!

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