Monday, March 1, 2010

That's Why We're Here

There have been some things I have noticed the last few Sundays that have helped me to see God show up in some really powerful ways. There have not been any major miracles happen in people’s lives that I know of. There have not been a ton of people contacting me because they have prayed to receive Christ. In fact, there has been nothing exceptionally public that has been going on. But some great stuff is happening that others may not notice.

One example I want to share with you is the story of a woman who has been attending LifeQuest and has been beaten up by life. You can look at her and see the strain that live has caused. I know a few details, but her life has been turned upside down the last couple of years. As I see her while I am speaking, I see pain and hurt. I am not sure I have ever seen her smile more than simply a cursory hello.

The last few weeks I have noticed that she is hanging around after the service is over. She is talking to a few people. I have walked past the group talking and heard pain, anger, and a few tears. I see others listening as she tells her story and I see people put their arm around her and offer a word of encouragement. I am pretty sure that none of her circumstances have changed, but she is here. She is hearing the gospel and finding support.

That is what Jesus has called us to be as a church; a place to hear truth and a place to live it out. No one here is perfect. We are hurt, frustrated, angry and all other kinds of things. But we are here, being the body of Christ as best as we can.

I love what God has called me to do. I love that God allows me to see small steps of healing in the midst of large amounts of pain. I pray that this week we will all be encouragement to those around us. And I pray that if you are in pain, you will find support and encouragement from the body of Christ.

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