Monday, October 27, 2008


This morning is beautiful. The air is crisp and clean and there is not a cloud in the sky. I had a meeting planned this morning with a friend of mine, and when he arrived at the office we took our chairs outside and sat as we talked. I love this time of year. Perhaps, if I get really lucky, I may get to break out a long sleeve shirt and feel comfortable. After all, I live in South Florida so low 70’s is almost winter weather.

I appreciate short moments like I had today because they allow me to enjoy the beauty of God. They allow me to see that Gods creation is a place of wonder and awe. It reminds me that God loves me no matter the stress and strain of my daily life. In short, I see God in the midst of life.

Today, take a moment and enjoy God. Go outside at lunch instead of eating at your desk. Take a moment and breathe in the crisp cool air. Open a window and feel the breeze. And in doing so, enjoy the presence of God.

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