Monday, October 6, 2008

Guys Night Out

We had a great time at the LifeQuest Classic Mini Golf tournament on Saturday Night. A bunch of guys got together and had some incredible laughs playing mini golf. We had two balls go off the course into the water, one ball go off the course and through a fence and at least one ball chipped from the grass next to the hole! (It was the only shot I had!!!)

The night was just a lot of fun for guys. We went to Michael Sapusek's and had pork loin that he had been slow cooking all day. It was awesome. Guys, we need to do more stuff together. We need to hang out, talk and get to know one another. And, in the midst of all that, we will find that we need to listen, learn and trust in new ways.

I hope everyone who went had as much fun as I did!! And if you didn't make it, I hope you will be there for Night O' Beef in January!!!

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