Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passion Thoughts 4

Human beings are not always nice. We are petty, rude, selfish, and demanding. As Jesus was arrested, tried, beaten and crucified, humanity was displayed at its worst. Not only was the physical brutality unimaginable to the modern mind, but the emotional torment that Jesus was put through must have been horrific.

On several different occasions Jesus is mocked. The chief priests and Jewish rulers of the day mocked him at the trial at Caiaphas house. The people in the crowd mocked him and made slandered his name. The Roman guards mocked him with verbal assaults and pretend kingly honor. The one who created all things is now the butt of the jokes of the creation.

So often I read the biblical accounts and wonder what I would have done had I been there. Would I have betrayed Jesus to save my own skin as Peter did or would I have betrayed him for thirty silver coins as Judas? Would I have scattered like John and all the other disciples or would I have followed like the women? Would I have seethed in the corner as my Lord was mocked or would I have delivered a blow to the face of the King? It is in those moments when I desire nobility and honor that I am faced with my own pitiful reality: I am a mocker.

All of humanity mocks Jesus at one time or another. When we desire our own plans and kingdoms more than his, we mock. When we seek temporary treasures over eternal riches we mock. When we live our faith in quiet comfort and tell those around us who don’t know Jesus to go to hell, we mock. Passion Week reminds me that at some level, conscious or not, I mock my Lord. And still, Easter comes.

Lord, forgive my mocking. Forgive my failure to honor you as you deserve. Thank you that those who mock on Thursday can be restored on Sunday. Amen.

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