Thursday, August 7, 2008

Childlike Faith

It has been an interesting few days in my life. My dad is slowly slipping away and that is hard, but it sometimes help you put some things and some thoughts into perspective.

This afternoon I am preparing the final for the class I teach at Palm Beach Atlantic University. It is on worldview and ethics and how we see life. My students have been studying how different people from different backgrounds view the world and how we as followers of Christ should view the world and universe. It is a pretty intense philosophy kind of class.

I bring this up to make the point that my dad has always had a very simple worldview. He has always just been the kind of person to try and do his best, try to be as honest as possible and try to follow through with his commitments. He has a relationship with Christ, but it has always been very private. As he is getting closer to passing from this life to the next, he has asked questions, made comments and talked at times like a little child.

I thought about this today: we may think we have a lot of education and understanding, but faith in Christ and understanding of a Christian worldview come down to simple childlike (or even elderly) simplicity.

We should all examine life. We need to study, think and wonder. But ultimately peace is found in the faith of a child.

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