Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Storms, Storms, Storms!!!

It is raining really hard. Not little rain drops, but buckets of rian. Tropical Storm Fay is really a big headache. So far there is no major damage around us, but schools are closed, the streets are flooded, and we are all around the house trying to keep busy. In some ways it is fun, but in other ways it is just a hassle.

We are fine here. I am praying that our electricity does not go out, but it will at some point. I plan to work today and exercise with the kids and just do what I can. But this storm reminds me of the storms we face everyday.

Some are huge. If you are homeless today, or live in a flooded area, or live in a substandard house, today is a disaster. If you are like me and most people, it is just a headache. But I feel for people today.

Our spiritual lives are similar. For some of us, life just rolls along in normal order. We may have a little headache here or there, but overall, life is pretty normal. Others are trapped in major storms. They are tossed around, flooded out and banged up.

Christ is the anchor of our life. He holds us through storms, calms us through fears, and guides us to safety under the protection of his healing wings. Storms can teach us incredible things and can strengthen us for future storms. Had I not already gone through several hurricanes I would be freaking out today.

Whatever your storm is, trust Christ to guide you through. Allow him to become an anchor and rock and shelter through the wind and rain.


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