Monday, January 26, 2009


In the book of Romans, Paul reminds us that we are God’s children. In Romans 8:16 he says, “The Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” That is a pretty amazing thought. We are literally children of the God of the universe!!!

When I look at my children I delight in them. I have spent hours and hours watching them play basketball, soccer, read, ride bikes, play guitar, sing, memorize bible verses, play games, and all kinds of other fun and exciting stuff. I love seeing my kids grow, develop, learn and put into practice what they have been taught. It is awesome to have such great kids.

But there are times when they aren’t perfect. There are times when they disobey, they fail, they lose and they miss. There are times when they whine, pout, complain and argue. But even in those times, they are still my kids. And I still love them. There is nothing that Emily, Zach and Kimberly could do to make me stop loving them.

If we feel that way about our own kids, how much more does God feel that way about us? There are times when our life with God is in the groove. We feel close, intimate and obedient. And there are other times when we are disobedient, sloppy, whiney, complaining, pouting and arrogant. In those times we feel like God is so far away and couldn’t possibly love us.

The reality is that God loves us no matter what. We don’t have to be perfect for him just as our children don’t have to be perfect for us. It is in the times where we are not perfect that God loves us anyway, just as we are. No regrets over loving us. No shame over us. No remorse over being passionate about us.

We are God’s children and nothing can ever separate us from his love. (Romans 8:38-39.)

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