Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I love it when people get to the point. I am not a huge details person. I don’t need to know the color of someone’s dress or the style of those they were wearing. I simply want to know the facts. The wedding was nice, the cake was awesome, and bride was beautiful. Short, simple, complete.

My wife, on the other hand, is all about the details. She loves to describe everything, set the scene and give commentary on what was happening. She is all about moods, and emotions and images. It is what I love about her. She picks up all the stuff I miss. We constantly laugh about the old line from “Rocky” where Sly tells Adrian, “You got gaps, I got gaps. We fill each other’s gaps.” That’s us.

I was reading today in Colossians 2. Paul gets going from the very beginning about how Jesus is the revelation of God, the “mystery” of the ages. He gets into the details of Christ and who he is and boils it down to one key point: “He forgave us all our sins…” (vs. 13)

There are a million details about Christ. Theologians through the ages have argued, discussed, written and taught about Jesus. And Paul does his fair share of detail work as well. But, what it all comes down to is the reality that Christ forgave our sins by his death and resurrection. Short. Simple. Complete.

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