Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Simple is my goal. I want to have some simple attitudes in life about certain things. I want my family to know that they have priority over everything else in my life. I want my wife to know that I love her deeper today than I ever have. (And I want to live that out every day!!!) I want the people that God places in front of me to know that there is a God who loves them deeply. I want LifeQuest Church to know that God has huge plans for us.

But simple doesn’t always happen. Simple gets lost in schedules, frustrations, disappointments and plans. Simple becomes one of the first causalities of 21st century living. Life is hardly ever simple.

Last night was supposed to be simple. Emily had a basketball game (she played awesome!!!), we were going to go home, get the kids in bed and have a peaceful evening. In the fourth quarter of the basketball game, Emily went up for a rebound, came down in a pile of girls, and had to leave the game. Then the coach waved me over. Emily was in a ton of pain. She had huge tears streaming down her face. For anyone who knows Emily, this is not normal. (At least not when it comes to physical pain.)

Needless to say the night became less simple. Emergency room, x-rays, crutches, and pain medicine. Fortunately nothing is broken, but the week became more and more complicated. Now we are scheduling orthopedic appointments, working out homework and exam help, and making sure she is taken care of.

But in the midst of that, life continues. Many things have to be done. I still have work to do, meetings to attend and people to contact. I have messages to write, books to read and services to plan. And I have a wife and two other children who still have life happening around them.

I guess I want to encourage everyone that life is not always simple. It is hard, it is challenging and it is stressful. But we have a great promise from a great God: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” At least that is a simple promise to hold onto.

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