Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am all about the show “House.” It has become mandatory viewing for Alana and me on Monday nights. I love the drama of the medical side of all the characters, but what I really love is the idea that all of the doctors and main characters on the show are so passionate about what they believe and why they believe it.

I know the passion is fake. The actors do their job, the show is put together and it airs for people like me who want to just sit and veg some nights. But you have to love how the “doctors” fight for their views. They argue, they yell, they manipulate, they go behind one another’s back to get done what they believe needs to be done. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with their methods, but I love their passion.

I was praying this morning for passion. I was dreaming of being so passionate about my walk with Christ and sharing it with others that I would do anything to make that passion come alive in me. Okay, not anything, but you get my point. If actors can be so passionate about what is not real, can’t we be a little more passionate about the ultimate reality?

I know many passionate people. I am passionate. But I want more. I believe God calls us to more. And I believe God wants to use our passion to change eternity. If we can put that into action, marry our passion with our pursuits, we can make the difference. We can see real lives saved in front of our eyes. Now that would be cool!!

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