Monday, September 22, 2008

Lessons Hopefully Learned

I am a slow learner. it takes a while for me to catch some things and begin to put them into practice. God is constantly showing me things that cause me to step back and think, "Why haven't I done this before?" Here are three quick leadership lessons that God is teaching me right now.

1) Don't assume in leadership. Yesterday a situation came to my attention that caused me to feel sick to my stomach. I had made an assumption about someones desire for ministry without taking the time to really question and listen to their real heart. I assumed that because situations were one way at one time I didn't need to communicate anymore with that individual. assumptions in leadership can kill all momentum and strain relationships. We all know what happens when you ASSUME!!!

2) Don't always respond instantly. Instant responses kill me. I typically overreact, make statements I later regret, and have to clean up more mess than was caused initially. Time is a great teacher. Don't make decisions on the fly. I have a general rule: no decisions on Monday. I need to be fresh, alert and ready to make decisions. On Monday, I am none of those things. I let things lie until Tuesday and then move ahead whenever possible.

3) Don't be paralyzed by fear. I am afraid of many things as a leader. I am afraid of people being mad, of hurting the church, of missing the mark in my gifts. Fear leads us to fail if we allow it to control us. Sometimes there is healthy fear. Other times, fear is a roadblock to effectiveness.

God is slowly teaching me some things to make me a better leader. What is God showing you to make you a better leader in your particular area?

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