Monday, September 8, 2008


It's Monday again!! Not just because the calendar tells me it is, but because my heart and mind and emotions are suffering from "Monday Invasion." I simply have hit a wall this morning. I want to share three things that I am doing to overcome Monday. Maybe they will help you when you experience one.

1) I am praying. I have spent a lot of time this morning banging on my computer keyboard and pouring out my thoughts to God. I have been honest about everything that has come to my mind. It is not always easy to pray some of the real heart issues we feel. But God can handle it. he can help us to overcome the major issues of life.

2) I am reading. Not just any old book but scripture and books that lift my soul. Monday is usually a day spent in reflection and study for me. So today I am reflecting on God's Word and seeking peace in my heart.

3) I am being honest. May of you who read this will e-mail me with thoughts and encouragements. I am not looking for that, although I love to get your feedback. I am simply sharing my heart with you. One of the main reasons we go through life so "Mondayfied" is that we aren't honest with our hearts and with others.

Maybe today is a Monday for you in more that just the calendar sense. Maybe Thursday will be your Monday. I want to encourage you that prayer, scripture reading and honesty are the best cures for the Monday's of your life.

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