Thursday, March 19, 2009

Be Carful What You Pray For

Be careful what you pray for!! I have been praying over some ministry stuff for a couple of weeks and the last few days I have been putting some structure to ideas God has been brewing in my heart. It has been overwhelming the response that has been generated as I have shared some of the vision and some of the plans God is putting together.

I have also seen God begin to make some of my dreams become a reality. Just last night God accomplished the first of 320 things that I have been praying for lately. It is very cool to see. It is also extremely scary at the same time.

The scary part is in thinking “what if God actually does what I am asking for him to do?” How will I handle it? Will it overwhelm me? Will I be up to the task? Can our church handle it?

I am not worried about failing because it is not my plan. Without sounding super spiritual or anything the plan I am dealing with comes directly from the mouth of Jesus in scripture, so I know it is his desire for all of us. But what if God really meets my desires?

I see major stretching in my future. I see change, challenges, and conflict. I see joy, jubilation and journeys that I can’t fathom. My response: BRING IT!!!

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