Monday, March 2, 2009

Crosses and Kingdoms

“Jesus has many who love his Kingdom in Heaven but few who bear his cross.”
Thomas `a Kempis.

How true that statement really is in the 21st century. We love the idea of what Jesus has in store for us in the eternal kingdom, but the price of actually carrying the cross is so high that we usually simply acknowledge the cross and move on. In not actually picking up a cross, we are missing the requirement of Jesus to follow.

Our spiritual lives in America have been boiled down to church attendance, bible reading, token involvement and slight giving. Jesus on the other hand called us to be “fishers of men,” the “salt of the earth,” “cities on a hill,” and “his followers.” There is nothing passive about that!!!

To say yes to Jesus is to say no to satisfaction found in this life. It is to say no to mainstream ideals, pop philosophy and comfortable contentment. To say yes to Jesus is to take up his cross (with the pain that accompanies) and to carry it to the society in which we find ourselves immersed. In order to get to the Kingdom, we must persevere through the cross.

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