Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

Many different thoughts run through my head this morning. I can’t make sense of them all, so here is a random list of things that are jumping from one section of my brain to another:

· How can a God who knows me so well love me so much?
· Where is the line between holiness and legalism drawn?
· Why didn’t Jesus defend himself before Pilate? (I know the theological answer; it is the human one that puzzles me.)
· My obedience and faithfulness please God more than they please me. (He knows how much worse it could be!! So do I!!)
· Longing for God is the first step in pursuing God.
· What is the one thing God has in front of me today that will bring him honor and glory?
· Am I willing to let that one thing drive me forward even when my I feel like I got hit by a truck last night?
· I am tired, the weather is cloudy and my brain is fuzzy. I know the enemy will be looking for my areas of weakness today.
· Christ’s strength is displayed in the depths of my weakness.
· My tournament bracket looks good, but I wish my Vols hadn’t let me down!!

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