Friday, March 20, 2009

Too Close to the Fire

Peter is inside the courtyard of the high priest as Jesus is being tried. He is warming himself by the fire of those who seek to kill Jesus. In his weariness and fear he has traveled from disciple willing to fight in the garden to one blending into the crowd during the trial. He has perhaps wandered too close.

In our own ways we stand next to the fires of the enemy. We compromise here, we tell a small lie there, we bend our convictions out of convenience and all the while we are the strongest of disciples. No matter how close you are to Jesus, at some point you can quickly find yourself next to the fire of the enemy.

In leadership and in life, we must be careful to avoid being comfortable near the fire. This is not the fire of fun and smores. This is the fire of betrayal and separation. We are never to get so complacent in our lives that we take the step too close to the fire.

In what areas are you flirting with the fire of betrayal? Where are you standing in your following of Christ?

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