Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Church Signs

Some things just don’t make sense to me. I was driving last night when I passed a church with one of those road signs with a comment. Whenever I see a church sign with a message on it I get a little queasy. I know how they make me feel as a pastor. What must non-Christians think when they see them?

Will it be one of those hokey religious puns used to attract a certain type of Christian? I once passed a church that had a sign that read “We Sing Hymns.” Who are they after? Will it be a judgmental, snide remark about how a certain group is going to hell? I love how we as Christians can blast sin in others and ignore gluttony in ourselves. Will it actually have useful information that someone may find interesting?

The sign last night read, “Don’t do anything. Sit here.” What? Seriously? Is that the best this church has to offer? Will someone please slap somebody for that!!!!??? Is the message of this church really to come and sit and do nothing?

As followers of Christ we have the greatest message in the world and we broadcast it in such stupid ways. I was disgusted, angry, and saddened all at the same time. To look at the message and what it communicates about Jesus is so lacking in any type of real meaning and purpose. Didn’t Jesus call us to follow? Doesn’t that necessarily imply getting off our ever widening behinds and doing something?

What crazy church signs have you seen? What message is your church sending?

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