Thursday, February 12, 2009


I had a great meeting last night with our Pastoral Team. These guys amaze me constantly with their wisdom, encouragement and support. If you don’t have a group of guys to encourage you, find some!!!

One theme remained constant in all of our discussions last night: connection. It seems like every time we talk about what God is doing in someone’s life we get back to a personal connection they have with someone in the church body. This friend invited that person and God began moving in this way. Over and over again connection came to the surface.

We hit three important areas to focus our efforts in deepening people’s connection to God.

1) Personal Leadership Connection- People have to feel that they are connected with someone involved in the leadership of the church. It can’t be only me. It can’t be me primarily. I am the worst of all of our leaders at pastoral gifts. That is why the body needs every person to contribute in this way. Every leader in every area has to develop leadership connections with people.

2) Personal Ministry Connection- People need to get connected in serving. The growth we are seeing in people’s lives right now is that they are moving from consumers to contributors. People who one year ago were not connected to God are now stepping up to take some ministry responsibility. In doing this they begin to take ownership of the ministry at LifeQuest.

3) Personal Prayer Connection-We have prayer gatherings every couple of months at LifeQuest. They have not been massively attended, but those who have gotten involved are seeing awesome growth areas I their lives. This has to become a major ministry focus for us.

I believe with all my heart that if we can focus on these areas of connection in the lives of people at LifeQuest it will rub off on those not connected to Christ. It will allow us to have a deeper and more meaningful impact on the community around us for the Kingdom of God. That will lead us to help people make the greatest connection of all; fully devoted followers of Christ.

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