Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Not About You

The first few lines of one of my favorite books remind us of a very important truth, “It’s not about you.” Rick Warren may sound harsh, but the truth is timeless and is ever more needed today in our “me” centered culture. I know people volunteer more today, people give today, and all the rest, but most of the time it is not based on what they give, but how they feel, what they hope to receive, or how they look in the giving.

David, the greatest king of Israel, the only man the bible describes as a man after God’s own heart understood all of his success was not of his doing, but was a blessing from the and of God. Listen to a partial list of things he credits to God in Psalm 21:
· “Your victory”
· “victories you give”
· “You have granted the desire of the kings heart”
· “You welcomed him”
· “You placed a crown on his head”

As you read through the passage the list goes on and on. As leaders we can never by into the fact that any success we have in ministry (or in life) is a direct result of the blessing of God. We may work hard, we may till compacted soil, we may plant seeds by the millions, we may water like crazy. But only God causes increase.

What are you taking credit for today that God should be getting credit for doing through you? What temples to your ego are you building? No matter how large or small the ministry we shepherd becomes, we are merely stewards. They ultimately belong to God.

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