Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heart Issues

Heart issues are always the most difficult to handle. It is one thing to have an injured leg or arm, because physical injuries will heal. Even if they are permanent, they are physical and they tend to be able to be dealt with easier. Heart issues are an entirely different level. I’m not talking about a physical heart, but the soul of a man; the heart that cannot be physically seen or examined.

Proverbs 17 has some great words about our hearts. It cautions us that the heart is the level of judgment used by God to see into a man’s life. That puts some perspective on our “secret” places and thoughts. It gives us a better understanding that our heart is the realm that God cares most about. Our actions may be more visible, but the heart is more honest.

My own heart drives me crazy. It will be fine for a while and then a spiritual EKG will help me to see that there is some hardening. It is in those moments that I need to self-examine my heart against God’s Word and see how I measure up. It is in these times that I realize that my heart is not only under my control, but under the grace of Christ that changes my heart from old and broken down to new and full of life.

What is your heart condition? Is it full of life from Christ that allows us to experience grace and mercy at new levels? Is it hiding darkness that we are afraid will be exposed? Maybe it is time for a heart check and a new perspective of a heat that honors God.

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