Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stuff I'm Thinking About

The Stuff I’m Thinking about Today

This morning I spent some great time in 1 Thessalonians 1. Some thoughts jumped off the page into my mind today that I want to share with you. They may not be new, deep or insightful to you, but this is what God has been speaking to me this morning.

· Paul loved the people God have given him to pastor. (1:2)
· Paul recognized that any eternal consequence of his ministry was only through the power of the Spirit of God. (1:5)
· The best example of what God can do for a human being is the changed life. (1:8-9).

It is so encouraging to me to think that God wants to use me to develop others spiritual life. He wants me to love them, pray for them and nurture them in the grace of Christ. I have to always recognize that anything that will last in ministry is the result of the power of God and not of me. The real test is if it lasts longer than I do. If the effects of my ministry continue after I am gone it was from God. If I die tomorrow and LifeQuest Church shuts down I will have completely failed to establish a ministry based on the power of God.

The best way to demonstrate to others who God is and what he has done is to tell your story. If we fail to let others see Christ in us we are missing the mark of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. Our lives tell more about Christ than our words.

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