Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The word “wow” seems to be popping up in my life quite a bit lately. Since I have been working out harder the last few weeks (okay, working out at all!!) my wife says, “Wow, you have lost some “love handles.” It was a compliment. My kids says stuff like “wow, I can’t believe you can do that at your age.” It was not a compliment. Friends that I knew 20+ years ago are finding out I am a pastor and college professor and they all reply “Wow!!”

It’s the wow factor that makes life interesting. I see myself through lenses that have been with me all along. Others see things and it causes a “wow” for good or for bad. It is just the way life is. The wow factor can motivate, encourage, hurt, or cut depending on how it is used.

I have been thinking about what causes me to go “wow” these days. My kids doing amazing stuff makes me go wow. My wife loving me even when I break a lid to her favorite pan makes me go wow. The fact that God allows me to study, speak, write and counsel or a living makes me go wow. The fact that my life is half over makes me go wow. The fact that I still have half a life to live makes me go wow.

What is your “wow?” What is catching your eye, grabbing your attention, or moving you forward? What is it that makes you say, “Wow!!!”?

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